Thursday, November 22, 2012


 DECEMBER 5ht until DECEMBER 30th
Are you on an adventurous or obligatory hunt for the perfect Holiday gifts ?
Or do you just like beautiful stuff ?
Come and get your one-of-a-kind gift @ Atelier Solarshop during
Solar & Otark’s HUGE gift shop during the whole month of December.

A fine, handpicked selection by Atelier Solarshop covering all price ranges.
-artist prints and works
-contemporary design objects
-wooly things made with love
-knicks & knacks of all kinds
-lots of vintage furniture & objects
take away delights by OTARK
contributors :
adaïsm - anna artmann - anve - christoffer dellstrand - ffixxed - hui hui - jan jan van essche - katharina trudzinski - kati heck - katrien van hecke - kevin apetown - ln beanies - mazu - otark - philipp rupp - sleeperhold publication - stephanie schneider -  ward zwart - yoolhee ko

  OPEN :
from Wednesdays to Sundays
(DECEMBER 5th until DECEMBER 30th)
12h till 18h30

more info :

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