Sunday, December 1, 2013

13/12 --> EARTH.ROPE.POT.PLANT +++ Atelier Solarshop +++ OTARK

---a jolly good gift shop---

Do you like beautiful stuff ?

It’s the time of the year, when Atelier Solarshop & OTARK join forces as has been the tradition for the past 3 years.
For this edition, the new "Bottled Gardens" by EARTH.ROPE.POT.PLANT. will be kicking off
 the SOLAR & OTARK#4 gift shop on Friday December 13th 2013 --->

a COCKTAIL NIGHT starting @ 20:00

EARTH.ROPE.POT.PLANT project is make-up artist Sigrid Volders & fashion designer Narelle Dore.
For the past year, this collaboration has known different stages and results, each time using the same basic ingredients, hence the project's name. The "Bottled Gardens" is their latest series... expect hanging terrariums and bare rooted succulent plants floating in water.
CHECK our online store for more beautiful stuff... regular updates in December
!!! 6x OTARK DINNERDATES in December coming up... so keep an eye on the OTARK blog.

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