Thursday, December 2, 2010

Exhibition 'BONTE AVOND' by Victor de Bie & Roos van Soest

photography: Wiglius de Bie / clothing: Bas Kosters

VICTOR DE BIE (paintings) and ROOS VAN SOEST (jewellery) will be exhibiting their works from December 17th till 19th @ ATELIER SOLARSHOP.

"Mysterious characters and brilliant colors tumble over each other in exuberant 'Fin de Siècle' festivity.
But behind the glitzy façade lurks a sense of unease. Is this circus more menacing than it appears...? Against the background of impending doom, crisis and loss they celebrate 'Bonte Avond'.... The Final Party."

December 17th from 19h - 0h
Opening hours December 18th & 19th from 14h till 19h.

Scenography: Leen Persoons

artists info: