Monday, December 6, 2010

'OTARK & SOLAR' @ Atelier Solarshop

For 10 days Atelier Solarshop’s space will transform into a tea and lunchroom 'OTARK & SOLAR'.

a food-collective from Antwerp will provide hospitality and the menus.

Be our guest; come and (re)discover food inspired by holiday recipes and traditions. Cakes, cookies, sandwiches, soups and some dinners on special occasions.
All in a cozy winter holiday setting.

Whether one wants to celebrate Christmas, Hannukah or Kwaanza, everybody is welcome to join us at Atelier Solarshop.

DATE: December 21st till 31st.
HOURS: 10h30 till 19h

!!! DINNER DATES: December 23rd, 28th & 30th (open until 22h - reservations only)

December 26th @ 18h. The clarinet virtuoso Joachim Badenhorst will be performing.

Besides this taste and smell experience Atelier Solarshop will also provide 'food-for-thought' and 'candy-for-the-eyes' by hosting two visual artists:

1. The ‘hanging plants’ or ‘string gardens’ of the Dutch-Antillean Fedor Van Der Valk will also be integrated into the project.
This art of gardening is a variation on the 'Kokedama';
a Japanese botanical style where plants are arranged in moss covered balls of soil and then placed in a bowl.

Fedor takes it further; his 'Kokedamas' are floating in the air, creating surreal hanging gardens.

2. ‘Misu-A-Barbe’ is a brand by Korean designer Misu Kim. Her work will be presented during this project. Drawing her inspiration from the special within the ordinary, Misu is using knitwear to communicate her vision.

Her work is shown through installations including sculptures and puppets in site specific environments, proving her regard to be three dimensional.