Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Music in the House!

3 miniCONCERTS for the OTARK & SOLAR#2 finissage on Saturday May 7th... it will sadly be the last day of this beautiful project.

What better way to end things well then playing some nice cozy music.

Starting @ 19h00 and playing in the following order:

*Ruben Machtelinckx (guitar) & Natan Wouters (contrabass) - two very talented and young jazz musicians with a lot to offer.

* G. Leddington aka Gary will be playing his guitar acoustically. He already gave an outstanding performance in Atelier Solarshop some time ago.

*Different Fountains 2 lads from Brussels present their reworked and recycled versions of music. A basic electro-acoustic setup aiming for the temporary creation of an entire new universe.
Check their new Clip ---> CLICK

Lovely COCKTAILS available.

PS: please come early
... last edition was sooooo SWEET --->>

thanks to all for coming...


Atelier Solarshop is proud to present some talented young musicians and music lovers during coming weekends of the beloved OTARK & SOLAR#2 project (until May 7th)

Starting April 29th during the opening of the 2nd FASHION FARM from 18h till 22h.

20h: MIAUX - sad coconut casiovibes.

Before and after MIAUX's performance,
Musketflickan will be DJ-ing till 22h.

COCKTAILS with edible flowers by OTARK.

Let the weekends begin!