Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'OTARK & SOLAR' #2 @ Atelier Solarshop

OPENING NIGHT = APRIL 19TH staring from 19H.... with lovely COCKTAILS with eatable flowers!

Spring 2011 is here so let's get green!
OTARK & SOLAR#2 is about art respecting nature.

For three weeks long we'll be a greenhouse filled with Fedor Van Der Valk his surreal botanical gardens.

OTARK will collaborate with Atelier Solarshop (for the second time),
presenting a teahouse atmosphere to treat all visitors with home made brews and cookies filled will love.

As a platform for upcoming artists Atelier Solarshop wiil exhibit the mystical drawings of KEVIN WELSLAU and the charming wooden rocking chairs and furniture by Simon Saelaert.